Not your usual consultants
business improvement consultants


You don’t need us to tell you things you already know and then leave.

We take time to fully understand your business and identify the business improvement opportunities.

Then, we work with you side by side to deliver the select solutions that will make a real difference.

After we’ve helped you reach your goals, we’ll monitor the outcomes to make sure they’re sustainable.


You pay us once we demonstrate we can save you time, money and resources.

We typically aim for a minimum return on investment of 300% and payback within a year.


We partner with you to identify and deliver business efficiencies, increase revenue, optimise the use of your available resources and improve customer experience.


Every organisation is different, so we tailor our approach to maximise value and minimise cost, time and resources.

We don’t subscribe to a particular business improvement methodology.

Instead, we focus on delivering practical and pragmatic improvements that can be easily measured so you can see the value we are adding.

We’re passionate about the South Australian economy and seeing South Australian businesses be the best they can be; by delivering on their Strategic Plans, Growth and Business Improvement opportunities.

Bee Squared works with all types of organisations to improve their Efficiency, Effectiveness and Experience from a strategic level right through to the grass-roots.

Delivering change in your business is often hard because of a lack of clarity, capability or capacity – we provide all of these by working alongside you and your team to deliver practical, measurable and customer-focussed projects and improvements.

Our team worked with Adam and the Bee Squared team on the creation of a scorecard to share with our Executive. 

Their professionalism, experience and patience enabled the team to shift our mindset and identify our priority outcomes.  The analytical skills from Bee Squared was mind blowing and no question we asked was a silly one! 

We were so happy to achieve our inaugural scorecard and felt confident in moving forward knowing we could still reach out with any questions we had.  Thank you Bee Squared!

Nicole Rizzo-Gray Acting Student and Learning Services Manager, Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide 11 June 2020

Our clients come from diverse industries: