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We work with you to:

improve processes

increase revenue

deliver efficiencies

enrich customer experiences

A successful organisation relies on departments, teams, and staff members working together to achieve value for the customer effectively and efficiently. The organisation’s processes, systems and value activities need to be coherent and aligned to what the customer wants. Our Coherence models create clarity of customer outcomes, alignment of purpose throughout the structure, and consistency in delivery of customer value activities. Our business improvement methods assist the organisation to make the necessary changes required to deliver the value they aspire to.

BEE SQUARED’s core focus is on organisational improvement. Established by Ben Farrell and Ben Haigh, the consultancy is founded on more than 35 years combined experience and a strong track record. Put simply, we know what works. Every organisation is different, so we tailor our approach to maximise the value and minimise the time to deliver.

We don’t subscribe to a particular improvement methodology, although we are experts in Lean and Six Sigma. Instead, we focus on delivering practical and pragmatic improvements that can be measured so you can see the value we are adding. We typically aim for a minimum ROI of 300% and payback within a year.

To find out more about how we can make a real difference to your organisation, please contact us.

Our team worked with Adam and the Bee Squared team on the creation of a scorecard to share with our Executive. 

Their professionalism, experience and patience enabled the team to shift our mindset and identify our priority outcomes.  The analytical skills from Bee Squared was mind blowing and no question we asked was a silly one! 

We were so happy to achieve our inaugural scorecard and felt confident in moving forward knowing we could still reach out with any questions we had.  Thank you Bee Squared!

Nicole Rizzo-Gray Acting Student and Learning Services Manager, Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide 11 June 2020

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