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An Action Plan is more important than planning tasks

A well-developed Action Plan is primarily a communications tool (and only secondarily a project management tool).

  1. It sets expectations. Once improvements are identified, everyone wants to do them all straight away, but this is unrealistic. Given the rigors of daily workload and the fact that robust change takes time, the action plan shows a realistic pathway to delivering improvements – including why some changes are not going to be even started for a considerable length of time.
  2. It shows there is a plan. It’s one thing to identify an improvement, but another to actually implement that improvement. The link between the two is to have a clear, detailed action plan for what needs to happen, when and by who.
  3. It can be used to demonstrate momentum. Through weekly status updates, the action plan is alive, highlighting both successful achievements and areas where tasks are falling behind schedule.


We have developed a simple, easy to use, but powerful Action Plan template using MS Excel. If you’d like a copy to use yourself, simply get in contact with us.