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Aligning the ‘Love a Challenge’ Puzzle

Did you recently receive one of our wooden puzzles? Loving the challenge? As with many organisational challenges, it may be harder than it seems to solve.

Need a hand? Watch our step-by-step video below to see how to align the pieces and complete the puzzle.


The puzzle is a metaphor for organisations

Organisations – from a structural, strategy or focus perspective – often already have the right pieces of the puzzle but they are misaligned just like the disassembled puzzle. By creating alignment through the central theme of customer value, and drawing the pieces together through simple tools, we can create a coherent whole out of the complexity.

We strongly believe that by aligning like this, many of the causes of improvement failure are eliminated and organisations will be far more successful at continuous improvement in the future. In addition, the alignment will reduce siloed thinking, drive better employee engagement and help your business to create greater customer value – now and in the long term.