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Maintaining productivity in uncertain times


The current Coronavirus pandemic is cause for concern for many businesses. Pandemic response plans are being established and staff are being prepared for changes to the workplace that may (or may not) be implemented.

What will happen to your team’s productivity if health agencies implement biosecurity measures and force your staff to stay at home?

The availability of remote IT access should mean that many business functions will be able to continue as usual. Sure, it can be difficult to manage staff and maintain productivity if you don’t have the skills and experience in operating this way. However, there are some simple techniques managers can quickly learn to get the best from their team in this challenging situation.

Assuming that you have the IT capability for staff to work from home, there are 4 key pillars to managing teams remotely:

  • Excelling at remote communications
  • Maintaining morale and team culture
  • Continually managing workloads and priorities
  • Accurately monitoring performance


In our “Remote Working Series” of articles, we’ll discuss each of these pillars in more detail.