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Strategic Planning Gaps

Most strategic plans make my head hurt. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Common (aka frustrating) gaps include:

  1. No balance between the critical dimensions of financial, customer, staff and quality/risk
  2. Lots of fluff without substance – i.e. no tangible (objective, normally numeric) targets
  3. Not considering BAU as a critical part of the strategy


It’s this last one that really frustrates me.

A good strategic plan is about ensuring the performance of the business for the long term. It’s not JUST about “big” changes.

Surely an important component of a long term plan is “keep delivering what we’re already doing well” – after all, that’s what’s bringing revenue in and paying the bills.

Alternatively, what we’re saying is that we can deliver the strategic plan, but leave BAU to rot away? I don’t think so.

Including BAU (and performance targets) as part of your Strategic Plan is one way to help solve the prioritisation problems I described in an earlier post.