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The Other Coronavirus Curve


The business impacts from the coronavirus lockdowns represent a huge opportunity for organisations who are willing to adapt and view the challenges in a positive, long-term way.

Businesses that can embrace these changes, by rapidly working through the “Remote Working Learning Curve” will be the ones who look back on the current period as a challenging but profoundly positive influence on the new working environment.

Learning Curve

The new BAU

Opportunity knocks for organisations who put energy right now into adapting and helping employees move up the learning curve in the new BAU – that is, “Business As Unusual”.

There is no returning to the old way of working for many businesses. A huge mass of employees have directly experienced the productivity and lifestyle gains from a work-from-home environment, and discovered that they can be even more effective and efficient in many respects. There will be more demand (and more acceptance) for this way of working in the future.

It’s not as simple as picking up your existing business practices and doing the same things remotely. Remote working requires a whole new range of skills and capabilities from both employees and leaders.

Successful businesses will actively redefine their operating model by working out how they can turn adversity into opportunity. Rather than focus on surviving, these organisations will concentrate on thriving – they may not thrive right away, but they will be in the box seat after the immediate pandemic threat has passed.

That’s not to say the changes have to be unique. There are many organisations large and small that have already successfully adapted to a remote working environment. Learn from them. Emulate them. Follow their lead – now and in the future.


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Credits: Original Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels