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Key Management Controls

Senior Managers need to focus on the bigger picture. To do this, they must move FROM ACTIVITY TO OVERSIGHT.

That is, they must be able to step back from the day-to-day activities which keep their business operating smoothly and efficiently – but they can only do so if they are confident that the critical activities are being done reliably and correctly. To gain this confidence, a robust ‘operating rhythm’ must be established, with regular checkpoints to monitor progress and identify any issues rapidly.

Key Management Controls is a way for Senior Managers to gain the confidence they need without leaving it all to chance.

Often important front-line processes are documented, but Manager and Senior Manager processes are rarely documented. What is needed is a simple, clear description of the critical few front-line, management and senior management activities which ensure your business stays on track and avoids unnecessary risk.

KMC Example

Key Management Controls is a fully-developed work system which incorporates a deep understanding of:

  • Crucial Outcomes and Metrics – clearly articulating minimum standards and target performance, plus active monitoring to identify issues early
  • An Operating Rhythm – an agreed set of regular tasks which combine to create the operational disciplines needed to build confidence over the long term
  • Documented Procedures – for absolute clarity of expectations and the ability to execute flawlessly when needed
  • Controls and Reviews – bringing it all together, this is the retrospective monitoring of performance and ensuring adherence to the agreed outcomes, targets, operating rhythm and procedures

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