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Process Design

Maintaining productivity in uncertain times

The current Coronavirus pandemic is cause for concern for many businesses. Pandemic response plans are being established and staff are being prepared for changes to the workplace that may (or may not) be implemented. What will happen to your team’s productivity if health agencies implement biosecurity measures and force your staff to stay at home? The availability of remote IT… Read More »Maintaining productivity in uncertain times

ACFI Voluntary Appraisals – The risk of taking a well-earned break

Now that you are over the hump of submitting all your ACFI voluntary uplifts and admissions prior to the 1st Jan changes and engaged your team on the new guidelines, one would think now is the time to take a well-earned break. With the changes reducing residential aged care margins, unfortunately now is not the time. Now is the time… Read More »ACFI Voluntary Appraisals – The risk of taking a well-earned break

Don’t kid yourself – cost reduction is complex!

Organisations are complex systems, often far more complex than they appear in organisational charts or functional business unit descriptions. When introducing improvements and change, particularly for cost reduction projects, you need to be aware of the inter-relationships across the organisation to ensure you plan for impacts and deliver true value to the organisational system. Overlooking these inter-relationships means you risk… Read More »Don’t kid yourself – cost reduction is complex!