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Client Testimonials

Matt Ielasi is one of the most professional, patient and passionate Project Managers going around. He is methodical yet responsive, organised and dynamic. Matt was incredibly supportive, and understood the nuances of a complex project. His effort, dedication and commitment is exceptional and we would happily work with him again.

Kristie Johnson Manager MMC, City of Charles Sturt 10 January 2024

Can’t say enough how much the business improvement workshops have really helped set a positive direction here. And personally, I have learnt so much on how to handle changes and implement new procedures. The time and knowledge Ben and Di shared with me was really something that was changed my whole way of thinking about business. Really appreciate it.

Debra Brewer Senior Project Co-ordinator, DM Cladding Business Improvement 23 February 2023

Delivery and practical application must be in BeeSquared’s DNA! We have been fortunate to work with the team across a multitude of projects, each one transformational for our organisation. Their consultative approach, coupled with real world solutions have given us the confidence to make genuine change for the better. When so often, the standard approach of others is to deliver a dust gathering report, BeeSquared chooses to enact plans that are achievable and most importantly sustainable with organisational capabilities firmly in mind.

James Sellers CEO Scouts SA Project Management 20 January 2023

I’ve had the fortune and the pleasure to work with the entire team at Bee Squared for over six years on multiple programs and projects.

Their no-nonsense, practical approach makes them easy to engage with. It doesn’t matter whether it's high level program management, service-based optimisation, or workshop facilitation, the team at Bee Squared work collaboratively and pragmatically at all levels of your business to help you achieve results.

Andrew Nesbitt Senior Manager Health, Environment & Regulatory Services, City of Playford Project Management 22 June 2020

I’ve collaborated with Bee Squared across two organisations over six years and I’ve been fortunate to work with the entire team on different outcomes.

I say collaborate because they don’t float above the surface of your organisation and drop down a report for you to shelve.  They work with you, they challenge you, they give you access to their tools and they stay on the job until you’ve landed where you need to. 

Exemplary facilitation skills, really practical and pragmatic program management approach and a strategic lens over all they do. 

Rachel Emmott Senior Manager, City of Playford Business Improvement 17 June 2020

Our team worked with Adam and the Bee Squared team on the creation of a scorecard to share with our Executive. 

Their professionalism, experience and patience enabled the team to shift our mindset and identify our priority outcomes.  The analytical skills from Bee Squared was mind blowing and no question we asked was a silly one! 

We were so happy to achieve our inaugural scorecard and felt confident in moving forward knowing we could still reach out with any questions we had.  Thank you Bee Squared!

Manager Faculty of the Professions at the University of Adelaide Business Improvement 11 June 2020

We engaged Ben Farrell to undertake a review of our complaint management process and reporting. Ben quickly built a solid rapport with our team members and has helped deliver a more efficient and effective way of managing work flows whilst having greater visibility of the business on a day to day basis.

Ben is an effective communicator with staff at all levels which helps with change management and drives outcomes that are sustainable. We will certainly work with Ben again if the opportunity arises.

Sandy Canale Energy & Water Ombudsman SA Business Improvement 9 June 2020

We had Adam and the Bee Squared team help us reengineer our B2B sales process, something which was in need of a real overhaul. Bee Squared was excellent to deal with at every stage of the process, from problem definition and scoping, to design workshops, to dashboard design, to working with us hand-in-glove to embed the new process. We were so happy, in fact, that we immediately reengaged Bee Squared to help us with another big piece of our BPI agenda.

Jeremy Glaros Executive Director, Executive Education at University of Adelaide Business Improvement 20 May 2019

Adam Villani from Bee Squared has been working in my team for the best part of 2 years. Adam has provided expertise in the areas of change management and process engineering, and has taken a partnership approach to assisting us in making transformational change. Adam has been committed to the timely delivery of high quality outcomes as a member of the team, and has been committed to ensuring the outcomes have been delivered in balance with broader Organisation strategies, and transitions in team culture. As a result of Adam’s work and expertise, the business has had massive gains in efficiency, effectiveness and staff morale.

Matt Romaine Senior Manager Development Services, City of Playford Project Management 29 March 2016

I have been impressed with the fresh approach that the team from Bee Squared have brought to the key projects within my division. Their approach to solution design and focus on ‘deliverables’ is contributing to improved outcomes for us. The fact that they are ‘industry agnostic’ means that they have been able to bring a fresh approach with them as they assist us to improve our services.

Derek Dittrich General Manager, Life Care Project Management 8 March 2016

The knowledge management project we have recently completed has delivered improvements to our processes that will save us time and money, standardised the way we handle new work and growth, and significantly minimised potential risk to our business.

Ben Nottage Senior Manager Secure Services, RAA Process and Procedures 29 February 2016

They are very structured, analytical and down-to-earth in their approach, with the ability to think about existing problems and systems in new ways, and consistently achieve the agreed tangible outcomes for the organisation.

Warren Ortmann General Manager, Life Care Business Improvement 25 February 2016

We have been working with the team at Bee Squared on several projects over the past year. Their professional support and approach in assisting us to define, scope and implement new projects has been fantastic.

Deborah Muldoon General Manager, Life Care Project Management 25 February 2016

The self-funding project was to deliver efficiency gains that were sustainable and importantly focused on the customer experience. Project benefit realisation was achieved two months earlier than scheduled and new and modified processes and learnings were embedded with key personnel ensuring ongoing sustainability. The industry specific expertise and project management skills displayed on this journey by the Bee Squared team have achieved the required outcomes and set the foundation for ongoing future success.

Neil Buder Senior Manager Retail Sales, RAA Business Improvement 23 February 2016

Bee Squared have been working in our organisation for a couple of years across many areas of our business. The Bee Squared team are true professionals who chase outcomes relentlessly and who are only satisfied with delivering a quality outcome for their clients. Our business has experienced particular benefits in the areas of project management, strategic alignment analysis, strategic plan delivery programs, and process improvement.

Sam Green Deputy CEO, City of Playford Project Management 23 February 2016

Bee Squared have been valuable partners in helping our rapidly expanding business achieve its goals and I envisage we will be continuing our relationship with them for years to come. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to find and implement improvements in their business.

Ben Nottage Senior Manager, RAA Secure Services Business Improvement 12 January 2015

An unexpected outcome was the additional value, advice and business intelligence gained by having Ben from Bee Squared involved in our business. In addition to working on and achieving the targets identified in our initial scope, Ben added daily insights into other business unit challenges, operational management functions, and was a great sounding board for me as a Senior Manager.

Ben Nottage Senior Manager, RAA Secure Services Business Improvement 12 January 2015

We engaged Bee Squared to achieve targets that had not yet been achieved over the business units 20 year history. In three short months our team was achieving unprecedented service levels and doing so using less resources than previously. The results speak for themselves and the business has now reached a new level of service delivery.

Ben Nottage Senior Manager, RAA Secure Services Business Improvement 12 January 2015

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