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Key Management Controls

Recently we launched a new approach we are calling Key Management Controls.

We’re really excited about how this can help all managers to be free to focus on the big picture – safe in the knowledge that the critically important day-to-day activities are being done.

Key Management Controls provides managers with a tool, and an operational discipline, to regularly check in with their team. It creates clarity, visibility and accountability to make sure those things that ‘just should be done’ are actually being achieved – despite the chaos of the day-to-day.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where:

  • Important business outcomes have failed
  • The team have missed critical ‘core’ activities and you didn’t find out until too late
  • You have had an adverse Audit finding because something was missed
  • You’re not focussing on the big picture because you’re too busy ‘fire-fighting’
  • Your reputation has been damaged because a simple (some would say basic) task wasn’t done


Then you will definitely benefit from implementing Key Management Controls.


You can see more about our approach to Key Management Controls here.