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Ben Farrell

Funding the “Future of Work” for Local Councils

Our experience has been that Local Council staff and management care deeply about our communities. Recent history has shown that they have really stepped up in a time of crisis. For example, when Covid-19 hit, many Councils set up incident response teams and worked around the clock to put in interim changes to ensure continuity of service where it mattered,… Read More »Funding the “Future of Work” for Local Councils

Why are timesheets making a comeback?

You may have noticed a flurry of news articles about wage issues recently, with more than a dozen large Australian companies having problems in the last year alone. There are different ways this is playing out, but the underlying theme is that many employees have been underpaid by their employers and in most cases, it appears to be unintentional. In our experience,… Read More »Why are timesheets making a comeback?

Don’t kid yourself – cost reduction is complex!

Organisations are complex systems, often far more complex than they appear in organisational charts or functional business unit descriptions. When introducing improvements and change, particularly for cost reduction projects, you need to be aware of the inter-relationships across the organisation to ensure you plan for impacts and deliver true value to the organisational system. Overlooking these inter-relationships means you risk… Read More »Don’t kid yourself – cost reduction is complex!

Retention Reinvention

Feedback – the crucial first step to establishing trust Establishing trust and/or understanding with a customer in a retention call is the single most important factor in determining if the attempt to ‘save’ the client will be successful. Time and time again I review retention calls, and no matter how skilled the staff member is at solving the customer’s problem,… Read More »Retention Reinvention